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Lee had a passion for the Paranormal from a very early age, his first experinces of the Paranormal was at the age of just 6 years old, at his parents house and also at Newstead Abbey on a School Trip.

Whild the other kids were playing tig on the playground, Lee was pretending to be Ghostbuster.


At 18 Lee decided to look into the Paranormal a little more serious and started investigating local pubs, clubs and graveyards.


In 2006 Lee was the founder of The Ashfield Paranormal Investigaton Team, known as T.A.P.I.T. for short. The team was made up of family and friends put together by Lee to have more eyes and ears on location.


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Lee as Founder of TAPIT - 2006

The Ashfield Paranormal Investigation Team Wollaton Hall - 2007

In 2007 Lee recieved a call from Anwar Rashid who was a successful buisness man and living in Nottingham.

He was having problems at his £3.5 million mansion Clifton Hall, which was situated in the peaceful village of Old Clifton.


Lee attended and there began a year long investigation into the Clifton Hall Hauntings.


The family eventually moved out of the property in 2008 leaving the property back to the bank, it was the most expensive repossession in UK history.


The story made international headlines all across the world, it was dubbed the UK's Amittyville and quoted as like The Others film starring Nicole Kidman.


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Clifton Hall Nottinghamshire

Lee at Clfton Hall 2008


After finding himself out of work in 2010 Lee decided to fall back on what he knew best and start his own Paranormal Events company.

Lee has always been very passionate about sharing his experience and knowledge in the paranormal field.


Lee also launched The Official Most Haunted Paranomal Nights with the TV show Most Haunted.


Haunted Events UK now has exclusive rights to some amazing locations including Wollaton Hall, Newstead Abbey, Sherwood Forest, Nottingham Castle and The Brew House Yard as well as being the resident team at The Village in Mansfield.

Haunted Events UK 2015 watermark


In 2012 Lee was approached by Reality Film Entertainment to host a new magazine style TV show for UK and US audiences. Lee presented the Ghost Hunting segment for 2 series in 2013.


Lee also starred in several DVD's for US sale through Reality Film Entertainment and Chemical Burn Films. Ghost Attacks and Poltergiest Attacks were spoof Ghost Hunts and Lee also acted in The Dark Watchers and An Awesome Movie.

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Lee on set at Mindscape TV - 2012

The Dark Watchers Film - 2013

Social Media - LIVE

In 2015 Lee was the first Ghost Hunter in the world to use social media to broadcast a LIVE Ghost Hunt.

Firstly Lee filmed a Ghost hunt via Periscope which was very new back then at 30 East Drive in Pontifract Yorkshire.


That was followed by the first Facebook LIVE Ghost Hunt in October 2015 at The Idlewells Shopping Centre.


Many more have followed the trend but Lee was proud to be the very first to use the Lives in this way.

icon_facebook icon_twitter


With the LIVES proving to be so popular Lee and 6 friends decided to launch a regular show via Facebook LIVE called Haun7edLIVE.


The team is made up of Paul Stevenson who is Editor of Haunted Magazine, Andy Soar who is the designer of Haunted Magazine, Jason Wall and Simon Powell who are part of Haunted Events UK, James Powell owner of Haunted Nottingham facebook page and Lee's Brother in Law Pete Cox who himself has many years experince as a Ghost Hunter.


In the summer of 2016 the team were the first to hit over 1 million viewers on a single ghost hunting social media broadcast, Halloween 2016 the team reached over 2.5 million viewers via facebook Live.


In Novemebr 2017 the team took part in a very special #LockdownShockdown for TV Channel Quest Red via their Facebook page.

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HauntedLIVE Logo - 2017

Lee on location with Haun7edLIVE - 2017

The Hauntings

April 2018 Lee along with Pete Cox and Ryan Griffiths launched The Hauntings. A brand new LIVE interactive Ghost Hunting show.



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Lee is one of the experts on Sky TV's Paranormal Captured on Pick.